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Step to Get the Old Facebook Chat Box Free

Step by step to get back your old facebook chat from new version FREE
Facebook Chat (Google Image)
How to Get Back Old Facebook Chat version Easiest - Are you one of those loyal Facebook users who do not like the turn of facebook chat box? If so, this time BI2T.COM will make a summary tutorial how Facebook chat box returns the display to its original state, before the new version is launched. For information, around the month of July-August 2011, Facebook is changing the look of his chat box to be more 'complicated', equipped with search facilities friend on facebook chat box.

Well, to get the old version of facebook chat, please use the following tutorial, for FREE:

It's easy to change the facebook chat into the old model of the new model, simply follow the page: How to Change Facebook Chat to the Old Version

Similarly, from my brief review. Hope it helps.

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